Wanna-be scout (16MSP) looking for a hole to call home


I’m a 16MSP EUTZ pilot that would like to get better at exploring / finding content in WHs. I can do T2 Frigs (Caldari/Amarr) and I am halfway through getting to Amarr T2 Cruisers. Everything else (except caps and stuff like that) T1. T2 Guns are small turrets and light missiles. (yes I can go cloaky). You can count that I’ll most likely the first to go through a WH to see whats on the other side and look for content. Also, for baiting I’m all in. I’ve been living in a WH for a couple of months now already so I think I know the basics of living in a WH.

I also kinda like Bear-ing, mainly so I can fund all the ships I lose xD.

Anyway I’m looking for a small/med WH Corp, preferably with not too much politics going on.

yo m8, we operate as a police force and do SWAT ops in WH and wanna increase our activity in those areas specially baiting and protecting poor unaware mining souls so you will have your key role with us just as you wish to have… oh and… we make it look good :sunglasses:

PS. We are mainly EU based so gametimes do match :v:

Have a look… New Eden Police Force

Hey Mate, The Reformed. Is a EU Heavy TZ Wormhole corp

Looking for pilots that like to watch things explode in wormholes! - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Please check out our recruitment advert.

Feel free to get in contact with me ingame. Im on holiday at the moment so will be on most of the time tomorrow :slight_smile:



HI there Varvax

Mortis angelus is currently looking for new family members and our gameplay is very simple, its all about have fun.

We are atm rebuilding the corp and we are based out of thera which means

No blues
No politics
No drama
No sov
0% tax

Yes to small/midsize pvp
Yes to wh-ganking
Yes to roams

if you want to hear more about us why dont you look up our recruitment post

Hoping to hear from you m8

have a great day


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