Are you ready to conquer the vast reaches of space? The Expanse Alliance is seeking skilled pilots and pvp corps to join our ranks and dominate the PvP scene in EVE Online.

What we offer:
Experienced leadership with a proven track record in nullsec warfare.
A tight-knit community of dedicated pilots. where RL comes first

Regular fleet operations and PvP training sessions and the chance to fly your own fleets if you thing you have got the Fc skills.

We live in npc so none of the sov grind. And we don’t push CTA CTA CTA every day. We play for fun and friendship.

  • Requirements: ( if your a pilot looking to join)
    :ballot_box_with_check: Minimum 10 million skill points.
    :ballot_box_with_check: Willing to Train into Alliance Doctrines
    :ballot_box_with_check: Be fully Authed with our services
    :ballot_box_with_check: Participate when you can and support

  • Requirements: ( if your corp looking to join)
    :ballot_box_with_check: Willing to Train into Alliance Doctrines(if you can’t already use them)
    :ballot_box_with_check: Relocate your corp to our system
    :ballot_box_with_check: Be fully Authed with our services
    :ballot_box_with_check: Participate when you can and support

Why choose The Expanse:
Endless opportunities for PvP engagements.
A dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.
Access to advanced alliance infrastructure and

Join us in shaping the destiny of The Expanse Alliance! Apply now and be part of a thriving community that pushes the boundaries of space dominance.

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game! The expanse public
If you are interested in joining please send us an application! We would be happy to have a look and talk with you
feel free to join are The Expanse Discord

Fly safe, and fly with The Expanse! :milky_way:


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prop 4

Just so you know. Your Discord link has expired.


Old player looking to dust off my pod. Do β€œreal” Minmatar still pod tank? :thinking: :grin:

I was going to hop on your Discord to check you out, but the link is coming up invalid. Any chance I can get a working one?


Fix buddy

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Looking for logi pilots

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