Welcome to Price Checks

This is the place to request a price check on your assets before sale.

There’s a few simple additional rules to this forum category, please make sure you read them before posting.

  1. Only price checks for In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted on this forum.

  2. Do not expect to receive an accurate response. EVE Online has been called “a game where even the forums have PvP.” The market fluctuates wildly and it is possible that competitors may not be completely honest in their replies.

  3. Buyer and Seller Beware! The GM team will not return or reimburse items/ISK purchased/sold based on Price Checks. If you list a rare item for 1 million ISK because of a price check on this forum, you made 1 million ISK and someone else very happy!

  4. Bumping is not permitted on this forum section. If you do not receive a response, it is possible that nobody knows what the market will bear, or they also sell the item and do not want to give out their pricing.