Will Give to In-Game Applicant

(Nargle Manglenuts) #61

If I get him I’ll just actually play the game with him… no extracting or skill farming, lol

(Pretentious Knob) #62

Yeah, Im gonna lose control, I think I will take the bait
I said, “Chill baby, baby chill baby, baby wait”
My head is bust’n, cause this is creatin’ a boom
So I said, “Girlfriend?!”

Things that make you go, hmm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Vector X) #63

I would take care of him:) i regret so much about my own main 2005 character. I have sold him on the forum many years ago because his name was beginning with A, and he was primary target at the very beginning of every battle as there were no broadcasts in the game, and targets were called alphabetically… I would buy him back but he is not playing anymore :frowning: so i would like to have another 2005 character instead of him.

(kiefer12) #64

Il stick my name in it for a chance. nice of you to just give away a character. all the best to whoever wins.

(Lester oftheWeevils) #65

Would love to have him! Thanks on behalf of all of us hopefuls.

(Vokan Izia) #66

Cool that’s very kind, why are you giving them away?
If you are quitting then just letting you know you can never leave :slight_smile:

(Rita Toralen) #67

Is he gone? I would gladly pay the remaining plex to get him!

(Lane Janau) #68


I would keep him cozy and warm.

(MACE1 is Recruting) #69

I can certainly take him off your hands

(Zander Exvirus) #70

Hey I recently started a WH corp and we need a fort. Everything helps!

(Roger Balek) #71


(Rita Toralen) #72

Reposted, reinterested! Or still interested!

(Fegnoidina) #73

Have you picked a winner yet? Lol

(Celeru) #74

Please see: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/wta-2005-pvp-character

(Caldari Citizen 1669870771) #75

I’m using an old trial to look for funds to speed up my 15mil sp main account, with this you would be giving me a bump up, nice name so i would use it over extract the crap out of it.

(Fegnoidina) #76

ill offer 3 bill and give it to my wife to play with me

(Kelly Hashway) #77

Strange proposition.

(Fegnoidina) #78

Wouldn’t you give something to your wife to get her off of your back? Lol

(Celeru) #79


(Fegnoidina) #80

lol how much lol