* * * WTB Exhumer Pilots * * *

Whats your price range?

Depends. Would be willing to go to 18-20b for multiple pilots

what are you actually looking for as I do have a number of chars who can fly barges. message Stuu Reborn

I’m just looking for pilots that can mine in hulks with some T2 crystals and maybe a little bit of drone skills. Moon goo 4 is a plus

Mail sent

Still looking

Still waiting to hear back from you.

Last deal didnt pan out. Im still looking for exhumer pilots

Was wondering if you would buy me!! XD I have very good drone skills and can fly the exhumer and have uncommon moon ore skill at the ready. My buyout would be for 14b.


Thanks man but i found someone selling 3 miners to me

good, now it’s my turn :stuck_out_tongue:

all you homie. I had to drop a fuckin nut on those last 3 you ran the price up on lmfao

You can buy it for 13.5b :wink: Right now with Money Transfer so you have it in 10 hours :slight_smile:

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Officer_Saint_Mars 1 post offer?

See this me jumping on your post wasnt too bad lol… now we can be friends :rofl:

I ended up getting the ones from Solonius for 16bil, so it deff worked out.

Lmao i was wondering why he didn’t get back to me :rofl::rofl:

It was actually this morning, we hadn’t been talking at all…he was just gone all week. Mine Mine Mine, lol

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