WTB Exhumer V Focused mining alts

WTB Mining alts with Exhumer V.
Atleast some Drone and Shield skills.
Cybernetics would be great also.


Gallent BS V, Exhumers V, Mining Barge V, CPU Managment V, Hull Upgrades V, Drones V, Sentry Drones V, Mining Drone V, Ice Harvesting V, Sentry V, Arkonor V, pyrox V, Reprocess V

I’ll pay for transfer (credit card)
No killrights
Positive Wallet
Implants +4
Positive Security Standing 0.6
Located in Yarebap With Skif in Angar
Bonus remaps + restile

Starting Bid: 16b

auction in progress

Fly Exhumers, Expedition Frigate
and Interceptor

All Cristals (mining and moon) T2
Ice and Gas T2

Yearly remap 1 +2 bonus

0.79 Security Status

No Kill Rights
Located on Jita

Starting Bid: 7b

Buyout: 10b

Got good skills check it out and gimme a bid :wink:


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