WTB Focused PVP toon 70mill - 100mill SP

Need a focused toon little to no wasted SP wanted.
PM buy out offers in game or try to open convo will be around for a bit then back around 20:00 eve for a good few hours today

102 mil SP out of which 2.4 reallocable
perfect naglfar pilot, can instantly train ragnarok skills
one high grade slave clone

120 bil

Think you might be after a bit much there extraction is around the 92bill mark. Toons unless specialised like NYX pilots simply aren’t going for more than 1bill per 1mill SP typically infact they are struggling the higher SP they have.

Take a look for yourself. If your willing to be more reasonable with price point hit me up in game will be on for little longer then back around 20:00 EVE time.

Not sure if this has enough weapon Vs for you, but take a look anyway. 80b B/O


This is not a “discussion” subforum; as this thread is a WTB, post links to character(s) being sold with a price and then OP can go into those threads to place bids if he feels like it’s worth it.

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