WTB Mining / Production / Hauling Characters

Going to start doing some carebear stuff again so am looking for the following things:

I don’t have a price limit, show me what you have. Looking for specialized characters though

Mining/Refining Character

  • Exhumer 5
  • T2 Crystals
  • Good fitting skills
  • Ice/Ore Mining Drones
  • bonus would be Orca

Production Character

  • as close to max production as possible
  • research skills a plus

Looking also for high refining skills (including scrapmetal processing), doesn’t matter what character this is on.

All of the above character requirements could be on 2-3 characters or 1.

Below must be separate from the above (but can be one character or 2):

Orca Pilot

  • Max Ice/Mining Drones
  • Good Navigation skills
  • Very high or maxed mining boost skills (
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Ability to use Mining Foreman Mindlink (or ORE version) not required but highly preferred

Hauling Character

  • Freighter (preferably Amarr)
  • Ore Freighter
  • T2 Indy’s
  • Excellent Navigation skills
  • Covert Ops Cloak
  • Interceptor

I. Am for sale

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