WTB Naglfar toon under 20-30 mil SP

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HEY, guys ,I’m Sky. CYBER now ,looking for the NGF FOCUS ACCOUNT, give me your QQ number,let we talk about this ,OK?

sold already?

I just bought this toon. If you can read “char transfer requested. Thank you for the transaction.”


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to the top (and really nobody wants to get a cool price for phoenix toonie? :thonking:)

still looking


Looking for Naglfar focused character



I’ve been considering selling my Nag pilot project before I’ve finished polishing him off https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/john_akidagi

Has t2 siege, t1 guns (working on gun skills now), decent shield starter skills.

Was originally used as a C5 Rattlesnake pilot so its tried and true for that atleast in the meantime

hmm, not bad, not bad, what is your minimum price?

I can do extraction cost + 3.5b to cover character transfer amount = 13.2b (you will not find a better price for non-focused toon, I always give +10b or even more of it’s SP amount if toon is focused

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