WTB New Main Char 170-80 bil Budget

(Zisa) #1


Looking for a sub-cap pilot and have upto 170-80 bil budget.

Appreciate to see what you have.

(Old Won) #2

Maybe not as high SP as you are looking for but a very focused supcap Pilot for sale.


(Koia Koia) #3

A bit more then your looking to spend but worth a look.

(deviant disorder) #4

That character is going up for sale shortly.

(Shaun Hansen) #5

I take it your budget is 170 - 180 billion isk? Look at this one:

(Rush Minerbloom) #6

A bit cheaper with room for you to build off of

(FlightLeader) #7


(Shaun Hansen) #8

Have a peek at this one, mate:

(Dane Hur) #9

105 mil sp nyx pilot

(Wojak Szwejk) #10


(Ripped Soul) #11

Check me out if you like.

(Fray Havoc) #12

Is this character still for sale?

(Kethen T'val) #13


Cant get much better subcap than this


Maybe we can make some deal:

(The Huckster) #15