WTB Rorq toon


(RiskoBaHo) #1

Looking for a Rorq toon with good shield skills, decent reprocessing and can use Industrial Core II

(Tuq Rety) #2

24b and it’s yours

(RiskoBaHo) #3

i can offer 22 max for this toon. Let me know if you’re interested.

(Tuq Rety) #4

Please post in sale thread and I’ll accept

(ottomans proud) #5

this is something you looking for Wts rorqual, fax, freighter and with good reprocess skills pilot pw. 1234 26,8 mil sp buy out price i can make for you 29 bil

or WTS 24 M RORQ pilot, producer and closse to fax pilot buy out price lowered 26,5 bil pw. 1234 24 mil sp buy out 26,5 bil.

(RiskoBaHo) #6


(RiskoBaHo) #7


(Urdnot Wrecked) #8

Current bid at 25B

(system) closed #9

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