WTB rorqual Pilot!

(Antrax Yassavi) #1

I’m looking for a Rorqal pilot who can use at least Inducore 2 and Excavator Drones.

Minimum Skills

ORE Industrial LVL V
Excavator Drones LVL V

(mr tschaka) #2

hi i have 2 pilts for you

(Antrax Yassavi) #3

40 b for bouth, i should inject some skills…

(mr tschaka) #4

sorry thats too low when i add the plex cost for transfer there is like per characvter 16,2 bil which is total not possible.

(Aiko Danuja) #5

60 b, transfer now, thank you

(Fred Farinelli) #6


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