WTB Thanny carrier toon- CLOSED


Looking for Thanny pilot

I’m not looking for a sitter but a toon that can fly the carrier decently well.


Still looking, maybe open to Nid, let’s c


Show me what you got, in-game / here / both ok,

Prefer to pay for relevant skills.

You seem to be interested in my character: Thanny / Nidhogger / Ishtar/ Proteus pilot / blockade runner - Fighters 5! T2 fighters!

I’ll sell immediately for 30 billion isk if you want it.

It flies it well enough to run sites out in nullsec great. A little more work may need to be done for a more pvp focused pilot depending on your exact fit but overall it’s pretty much ready and has t2 fighters which are great.

I used to run nullsec sites and 10/10 escalations with the character.

Hi, available for chat in-game? I’m convoing your char, this new chat is ~broken

logging into character now


I am currently for sale. Give me a fair offer and I’ll let you know!


Hello, I currently have a character for sale with Galente Carrier 5, the character has over 40.7 million SP, high-grade and mid-grade slave set, +5 Training clone set, 2 bonus remaps, and much more. Feel free to check out my thread and make an offer if you are interested. Current high bid is 38 Billion ISK with the buy out set at 46 Billion ISK.

hi guys, sorry already bought

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