WTB. Uniqal drilling tools


I want to buy :

  1. Perpetual Motion Unit I
  2. Environmentally-friendly Mining Equipment

If anyone has this item: how much are isk/plex willing to sell for?

P.S. I’ve heard several times that such items are no longer in the game.
But this is not the case, they are in the game, and someone should have them.
For example, I found and bought two other items from this collection of “unique drilling tools” :

  1. Perpetual Motion Unit II
  2. Crate of Environmentally-friendly Mining Equipment

Are you looking for more Perpetual motion units II? Or do you have enough of those?

I only collect one piece at a time. But I am ready to buy more if the cost does not exceed 500kk ( or 100 plex )
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: