WTS 125m SP, 2011 Char

  • 2011 Char
  • HG - Warp Speed and couple of +5er Implants
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • check more in the skillboard

post here your offern or dmesg me

:warning: Update you profile on skillboard.eveisesi.space :warning:
:arrow_right: Specify the price at which you are ready to start discussing the sale!

Remember to have the toon in NPC corp aswell

the char is not in any corp, thx

Starting at 70b. I guess

76 bill

I sent an emial to the char. if u accept I can send isk now, otherwise I need to go to bed.


@jacky22 I will accept the offer if I dont see any other offer in the next 2h.

Would it be convenient for u to check ur email and consider my suggestions´╝č

Sure, checking

isk and accountname received