Yes it is

Price of sale 22b ?

Yep, if u willing to pay 22b we have a deal :slight_smile:

Not all that perfect really. Jump drive skills, not perfect, mining drone spec only 4, support skills navigation skills too low, cant use t2 implants, drone rigging too low for maximum yield, capital undustrial ships and capital ships not perfect./

Really some truth in advertising, this guy is NOT PERFECT.

You should report me to the space police then :slight_smile:

you want to see a near perfect rorqual pilot?
yes, near, not quite perfect but a boatload closer

some food for thought

Wow, you are so special sweety!

14 Bill

15 bil


16 bil

16.5 b

17 bil

18 bil

Not gonna sell it below 22b

Who pays for transfer of the character?

I’ll pay


I buy your character for 20 bil, right now

The rate is removed