WTS 4x 5M SP Characters for Sale

Want to sell these characters because i am not running anymore SP Farm or Multiboxing

A character that has Indoctrinated in it’s name is a SP Farm focused + research alt
A character that has Sovereign Destroyer in it, is pvp alt combined as SP Farm too.

password: horde

All characters in Jita

Indoctrinated 02
Price: 5.7B ( Included with +5 Implants in Jita)
Location: Jita


Indoctrinated 03
Price: 5.7B ( Included with +5 Implants in Jita)
Location: Jita


Indoctrinated 04
Price: 5.5B ( Included with +3 Implants in Jita)
Location: Jita


daily bump, characters will be moved tonight

5b offer


Expecting 5.5b at least

Password: horde

Sorry for lots of edits, my spreadsheet breaked up so i had to correct the thread to avoid any misinformation. Please do check the eveskillboard.

Daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

how much is 5.5b in euros? sry I’m new to the game.

interested in the first charc 5.5b?

still selling or no ?

Sorry for the slow respond. Yep i still sell it. What do you mean in euros? I only accept in game ISK 5.5b
If you want to buy it with real money, go to EVE Online shop and buy the plex and then sell the plex to ISK

ok for the sovereign Destroyer01 5.5B accepted?

accepted, send the funds to THE S0VEREIGN ( with zero 0 not O )
And i will initiate to send the char transfer after isk received

5.5b sent

5.5b received. Will initiate transfer in 24 hours
EDIT: waiting for accounts info in-game mail

what should i do

Character transfer initiated. Please wait for CCP to complete the transfer process.