WTS 4x 5M SP Characters for Sale

normally how long does it take ?

It depends on CCP, but usually 1-2 days. My first character is sold and transfered in 2 days.

its been two days but still nothing anywhere i can check the process?

I have sent you the screenshot of the ticket in-game mail


got the character good trade


in the future @Messiah_Notorious, when purchasing characters, the isk goes to the character you are purchasing, not the person selling the character.

So the isk should have went to the character you bought, not TC.

Thanks for the info, that i also not know. Still new in character trading too



Daily Bump

Daily Bump

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Interested in Sovereign destroyer 02 will send isk and info to said character please transfer

Please send the amount of ISK to Sovereign Destroyer 02 5.5B and mail the which account to be transffered

Character transfer is in progress by CCP

Character transfer done. Please check your account