WTS 5.42mil, Planet Manager Toon

Hello! First of all, make a bid :slight_smile:

The total SP includes the unalocated so its 4,3 + 1mil free = total of 5,3. Free bump for you i guess :wink:

Daily bump

Daily bump

Would you let it go for 3.5 bil ?

4 Bil

4.1b if still available

4.2 Bil

4.3b bid

4.4 Bil


4.6 Bil

I’m out. Best of luck with the auction

if the owner wakes up from hibernation

Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:


I’m interested in bidding, but what’s current bid? skituk from 10 days ago still in it?

Well, if you pay now 4.7 bil. I’m ready to accept

4,7 B I’m here now, but I’m also participating in other auctions where I’m lucky

If you decide to buy my character, then send ISK and account name via ingame mail. o/