WTS 51 mill sp character maxed golem, tengu, drones. Decent carrier pilot as well

Came back to EVE less than two months ago.
Skill injected over 100 billion for the following.
Caldari BS 5
Marauder 5
Cruise missile 5
Cruise specialization 5
All core engineering skills 5
Tengu skills 5
Heavy missiles and HAM r 5 and t2
Caldari and gallente frig 5
Assault frig currently training to 5
Light missiles and light blasters 5
Can t2 fit thanatos nyx ninazu and sit in moros
Can t2 fit chimera wyvern and caldari force auxiliary (forgot name) and sit in Phoenix
Can use fighters and NSA
Can also fly orca for transport of ships
And can fly all Concord ships as well as caldari blackops.

Great mission runner and has all core pvp skills trained to 5. IE points and painters and webs and neuts

I’ve got 100 bill injected into it. Plus full set of amulet implants and full set of crystal and 2 empty jump clones as well.

Positive standings with all factions and can pull level 5 missions for caldari. Gallente. And amarr 4.5 sec status atm.

Not really sure what a fair asking price would be. I injected 100 billion into this character so I’m open to offers I suppose.

25 bill