Wts 56mil sp toon

(FAX 001) #21

49B 12 hours effective

(Queen Currency) #22

50b isk ready

(FAX 001) #23

53B isk ready

(Queen Currency) #24

54 ready to go

(ArtiSan Ostus) #25

will sell for 58mil
and its a good deal with the clons/skins/assets in remote locations and handsomness :))

(ArtiSan Ostus) #26


(ArtiSan Ostus) #27

sunday bump

(ArtiSan Ostus) #28

found bunch of skins in one of my cointainers…
adding Augoror Combat Medic Section SKIN and Confessor Imperial Jubilee SKIN(both are ~1bil in market) to the sale as a bonus