WTS 68M SP Caldari Pilot (100% Missiles) 8.4M Unallocated

Total Skill Points 68,1 M SP (59,7M + 8,4 unallocated)
Focused on Caldari and Missiles (100% done)

Remap available
1 Bonus Remap available
Security status 5.0
Positive wallet
No kill rights
NPC corp
Located in Hi Sec

Sydney Bristow

Starting Bid: 50B

40b offer

Thank you for you offer. We can start from 40b

54b offer

55B offer

55.5b ready

56B bid

56.5 ready

B/O set to 60 Bil

57B Offer

57.5b ready

60B Ill accept the Buyout request. Let me know when I can send the iskies.

Eve Mail Sent

60,5 offer

I will beat all offers as BuyOut. 61B

ok. 61kkk

My Offer is 61 billion Buyout.

62ккк offer


65ккк offer

65.5 Billion Offer Buyout.