WTS 75m Minmatar / Gallente toon



> Mirjana Popovic

Char wallet is good, no killrights, no remaps, can do subcaps and caps, will be in Jita 4-4 at moment of trade.

Can do Angel and Serp missions, good standing with both, low standing with Minmatar. Got some skins too.

Ships char can fly worth mentioning :: nidhoggur, naglfar, moros, thanatos, rorqual, nomad, sin

Looking for 75b or best offer close to that price. No rush in selling, low ball offers are free bumps.

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65 bil BO offer

morning bump, thanks on the offer

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67.5 bil ? If you really want to sell your character it is more than good offer. Extracting rate is 0.6 , forum rate is about 0.8 since your character doesn’t have special skills like titans, precursor etc. I offer you 0.9 rate.

thanks for the offer, but not selling the char for that amount of isk.

69b b/o, isk ready now

morning bump, almost there :slight_smile:

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