WTS 82 M Sp All-arounder toon

Hey guys, I am for sale today! Please check me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kobra_Kie

I am located in high sec, in npc corp, with empty wallet. Security status in positive. No jump clones!

  • Engineering V
  • Shields V
  • Drones V
  • Subs V
  • Trading V
  • Navigation V
  • Missiles V

B.o 75 bil isk

daily bump

70 bil isk

BO 75 Billion. Isk ready.

Bo accepted. Please send isk and account info to my alt: Aurok Mustang

Negative!, Isk must go to the Character being sold. Before you initiate transfer you transfer the ISK to the character of your choice

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Please confirm if I can send isk direct to you or it scam?

still for sale, price reduced, 65 bil buy out now

I will do 65 bill really good offer mb I am lucky) contacted you in game

Cool, we can make a deal. Send isk and account info to my alt: Bredor and I start the trasnfer

contacted in game. isk send

You have to be carefull :smiley:
As he is quick to take the isks and not so much to begin the transfer,
this kind of deal always finish badly.
And if you look his past threads, you know you have been played …

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