WTS 90 Milion SP industrial toon

Today I am for sale.
Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dawg_Hunter

Pilot is now in high sec, his sec.status in positive as well as the wallet.
No kill rights
2 Jump Clones
Implant set
moved into npc corp

I pay all transfer fees. Transfer will be done with cc.

I consider offers from 70 bil isk

68 bil isk rdy

70 bil isk readier!

72 bil here

73 bil

I can also offer 73 bil

ready to sell for 74 bil

Be careful buyers, possibly linked sale (same corp history and similar name) reported as scam attempt:

Skillboard token has been revoked on this character…

What are you writing about ?? I updated the token, maybe some kind of error

You’re clearly scam selling both characters, and you’ve been reported.

If you disagree, report to a GM and they’ll investigate.

I already do it, no need to arrange a circus here
Soon your messages will be removed from my topic.

The Hunters looked suspicious from the outset

Can confirm not a “shill bidder” just saw these two that seemed super cheap and I could rip skills out at big proft, but Meh, don’t really GAF what you say.

@Rob_Starrk Fair enough, I’ll retract my comments and offer my apologies. Happy hunting!

For anyone following, both this sale and the other related have been dealt with.

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