WTS Avatar, Ragnarok, Faxes + varios reserched BPO's

I could do 24b

I’ll take them for 23b. If agreeable, contract them over.

23.5b and we shake hands :slight_smile: Contract is up, make good use of them!

Sounds good, one small issue - you contracted Jump Bridge Array instead of Jump Drive. Please correct and I’ll accept. Thanks!

Hey, sory my mistake didnt read it well enough. Corrected contract up, thanks for trade and gl with them prints! :slight_smile:

Done, thanks a bunch.

Up to the top BPO’s still for sale


Up to the top

Weekly bump!

Up to the top

to the top

still sell aeon bpo?

Offering 37bil for:

All Dreads
All Freighters

Up to the top

Offering 4bil each for all Dread BPOS

wanna buy aeon bpo contract to SuperCoreX3 khardula

Aeon contract up, use it well

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got it
thanks :smiley:

Contract dread pack 2 apostle and capital comp pack please. Discounts if you like :+1: