WTS Cheetah BPO, Quake L BPO

Astarte - SOLD!

Cheetah: 10/20. Highsec near jita.

Quake L. 10/20. Jita.

Post or mail offers.

Bump. Cheetah BPO added.

Back up, still on sale

Still available etc

thread up

Still available

Any offers?

what are you looking for astarte?

Various mails replied to

Bump. Quake L print added.

Bump. May hyper the quake over the weekend.

How much for quake?

Thread up

Got a 40 offer on the quake BPO, will sell shortly if nobody else wants it

Still taking offers on the cheetah

Sale pending on quake print.

Only the cheetah left. Current best offer is 100, looking for more.