WTS Gunthor Gurn

I suppose I would be willing to part with the great Gunthor Gurn for a price. I’m not going to bother telling you my skillpoints or where they are. No, Gunthor Gurn never was about the skillpoints; they dont matter. Gunthor Gurn is 2 things: the best killer in the game and an unstoppable trolling force. Owning Gunthor Gurn means you can troll anyone in the entire game at will! Conversely, perhaps you yourself simply hate me so much that you just want to get rid of me. Either way is acceptable. The format for this is a secret auction, where you private message me a bid. Every so often, i will update what the highest bid is in here. No one will ever be able to see who purchases Gunthor Gurn, and perhaps Gunthor Gurn is never sold and I will remain in this toon forever. I suppose we just wont know either way, will we? But that’s what you’re buying anyways, isn’t it? No one will ever know that you’re not Gunthor Gurn and you will be able to troll all of EvE in an immense fashion while also boasting about how you are the greatest killer of all time. I am also willing to trade Gunthor Gurn straight up for a PvP pilot of considerable skill. PM me your bids and offers and check back for updates. If u win, ill PM you with details. The auction goes until i simply decide it ends, if it ever does. Only the winner will ever know, I suppose!

Bidding starts at 85 Bil.

I don’t care if someone buys me out simply to get rid of me. I don’t care if multiple people buy me out after starting a “Get rid of Gunthor Gurn” fund to buy me out and biomass my character. I don’t care if someone has a character they’re willing to give up to get rid of me. It doesn’t matter. For the right price, Gunthor Gurn is yours.

PS- Winner of the bid can also have all of my mass murdering secrets.

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