WTS Imp, Malice AT ships :)

All located in Jita 4-4 or close to Jita high sec

AT Ships
Imp - 445b
Malice - 250b

4x Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory

3x Stormbringer EDENCOM Victory

3x Thunderchild EDENCOM Victory

1x Kikimora Netherworld Striker

1x Leshak Netherworld Striker

1x Nergal Liminal Crossings

1x Draugur Liminal Crossings

2x Ikitursa Liminal Crossings

1x Nergal Niflhel Gildclaw

1x Draugur Niflhel Gildclaw

2x Ikitursa Niflhel Gildclaw

Can post here or mail me in game if you want to make an offer, although discord is probably the best place to contact me! (SmokeyLemon#6508) :sun_with_face:

(The usual forum clowns are welcome to post to bump my thread! :clown_face: )


nice collection :slight_smile:


price of imp / malice?

Looking for 500b+ for the Imp and going to see what offers I get for the Malice for the time being.

Not in any rush to sell either of them and only posted today, so will take some time to see what people offer.


Bump! 1 skin sold :parrotbeer:

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I wonder how much Malice costs

Sent you a mail! @li_maoao

Please mail me what you are looking to get for the prom fort.

Mailed @Alocose

Bump! :parrot:

Price on one of the Iki/Draugur skins?

100 offer for the malice

Mailed you with prices @Shelby_Proctor

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Thanks for the bump friend! @grimaxemorpher

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