WTS Multiple Wormholes: C1>HS, C2>C2+LS, C3>HS&POCO, C3>HS, C3>NS

C3-HS with structures above still for sale

Other whs also available in OP post

whs still on sale

C2>C2/LS sold to a happy directional scan enjoyer

yet another C2>C1/HS sold,

more WH inventory will be added soon, shelves looking kinda sad :frowning:

C1>HS J144704 (price 600m)
C2>C2/LS J142838 (price 700m) with amazing PI
added to inventory. see OP post above for details

added to inventory new wh:
C2>C1+HS J100102 600m

see OP post above for details and list of other wormholes available


new empty c4 has been located with great PI and statics:

type: C4>C2+C5 J142241
effect: Cataclysmic Variable
price: 1b

see OP post for details

Hi there,
I want to buy this C2>C1+HS J100102 600m wh? How we do that?

I saw you in chat channel but you have not responded. I will log in and check if it is empty and get an entrance. Please come back to same chat channel or send 50% of the price (300m) and I will provide an entrance for your inspection. You submit 300m after inspection.

Sent you an in game message .

J100102 C2>HS+C1 and J142241 C4 >C5+C2
Sold to a happy cov ops enjoyers.

other holes are still waiting to be filled :eggplant:

I’ll take the c6-3 if still available

Still empty, contact over discord, evemail, or join ig chat channel