WTS Multiple Wormholes: C2-C1/HS, C1>HS, C3>LS

C4>C4/C2 removed since its occupied, replaced with new c4>c4/5 J120450 (details in first post)

added new C1>HS to inventory
more details in first post

still selling, see first post for info

If you find a C1/LS please shoot me an in game mail to this guy. Thanks

sure thing @Wes_Wyhunnan

WHs in original post still on sale

someone moved into C2>HS/C3 rip that hole

C2> C2/LS now for sale:

see OP post for details

old C2> C2/LS got sold, now new C2>C2/LS is for sale:

see OP post for details

added C3>LS to inventory


check OP post for full details

C4 J120450 is now occupied, replaced with C2>c1/HS C4 J140843 with great PI. see OP Post for details

still on market