Victor 400b

Chameleon SOLD

I am open to trades for Plex.

320 for Victor

350b for Victor

360B for victor

365B - Victor

370b for Victor

380b ingame bid

Honestly, I see this ship reaching the 400b mark and was hesitant to even list it.

I see the victor being a 500b ship soon.



Have 2x offers of 380 on the victor.

Would you take a trade (raiju) +isk or only looking for isk?

mail me your offer ingame. I would take a raiju, but their prices are being massively inflated atm

It seems all AT ships are massively inflated :slight_smile:

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F*ing rich people!

There are 36 Victors still in the game. That ain’t a lot!

I see six have been destroyed… whered the other eight go?


Cumulative bannings or one entity? If such information could be corroborated
by an official CCP source, I would offer an open buy order for the remaining hulls at 400 billion each.

CCP will never confirm anything to do with account suspensions, but yeah more AT ships get lossed under the banhammer than end up on Zkill

Are you offering 400?

Note: I would trade for 3 snaps