WTS Perfect HEL pilot 50mil SP


(Hellish Maniac) #1


Capital Ships - 5
Minmatar Carrier - 5
Fighters - 5
Light Fighters - 5
Heavy Fighters - 5
Fighter Hangar Management - 5
Fuel Conservation - 5
Jump Drive Calibration - 5
Jump Drive Operation - 5
Jump Fuel Conservation - 5

Located in Jita 4-4, only other clone also in Jita
Positive sec status
No kill rights
Positive wallet
I will leave the corporation when I find a buyer :wink:

Would like to start bidding at 50b and will accept a reasonable B/O when offered

(Par0dy) #2

40 bill

(Canace Orient) #3

45 bil

(Sleepy Breau) #4

Good evening. I have been looking for a good Hel pilot Character for many days
Now,I’m sure I’ve found it
But it’s frustrating that I don’t have enough money……
I…I think I can borrow 10B from my friends
Could you please sell it to me for 45B?please……:sob:

(Orenna) #5

46B offer can transfer isk right now. Offer stands until I find another hel pilot to purchase

(Alleyne) #6

47 bil

(Hellish Maniac) #7

Bump :wink: