🦜 WTS Wormhole C3, LowSec Static, Red Giant, Fortizar, Caps!, POCO's, good PI


This wormhole has a fully fitted and fueled Fortizar with all the trimmings, and all POCO’s. You’ll also receive a fitted Naglfar Dreadnought, and an unfitted Nidhoggur. Combined with Red Giant Smartbomb Buffs, the Fortizar and Capital Ships give you ultimate homecourt advantage for defense of a wormhole with only Large Connections.

The above link provides all data needed to know about said wormhole we currently operate.

• C3, Red Giant, LowSec Static
• Fortizar, Fitted and Fueled
• POCO’s x10
• Naglfar
• Nidhoggur

Total Price - 30 Billion ISK

Please contact me in-game and I’ll give you further details to complete transaction.

This is one of the best setups for this kind of wormhole you will find in game. If you have any interest, please discuss.

With the 24 hour timer on the LowSec Static, you get 9 hours of uninterrupted activity after rolling the wormhole closed, which makes it perfect to set up Athanors on the many moons in this system and mine as much as you want. The PI in this system provides for making Fuel Blocks if you haul in Ice. You can also set up Reactions with your Moon Ore if you bring in materials.

We also have a C4 for sale if there is interest.