WTS YC121 Panther and Sleipnir Skins


Both skins are located in Jita 4-4
Current Jita Panther Yoiul price is N/A (no current offer in Jita)
Current Jita Sleipnir Yoiul price is 50b
Buyout for each (Panther = 26.9b) (Sleipnir = 40b) 20% off current Jita price.


I wish I had not activated a full set of these skins, look at these prices!
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HAHAH yea people put these up for sale at those prices but check the transactions.Noone pays its

These are such beautiful skins. Some of the best in my opinion


They really are some of the best looking skins in the game. Buyouts are only based on current jita price. I’ve watched the prices on them skyrocket over the years. I’m happy to consider any reasonable offers though!

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15b for the Sleipnir skin

Sorry that’s too low but thanks for the interest!

You won’t sell them on the forums for these prices, not even half price I’d say. Sell them on the market, they’ll go within a year or so. Unlikely you’ll have to compete with other orders.

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Id be happy to take the sleip skin off you for 31.5B but that’s about it.

Hey sorry for the delayed response, sent you an ingame mail! Thanks!




Bump! Shiny Skins!



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12b offer

Going to pass on the 12b offer but I have updated and lowered prices! Bump Bump!