You're Dead Fool is recruiting!

You’re Dead Fool - But Did You Die? - .L2P. Recruiting (Public Channel)

You’re Dead Fool is a PVP corp who is looking to grow their player base with people that have like interests. No timezone requirements but we are looking for chars with at least 3 million skill points. We welcome alpha clones!

What we have:
A tight knit group of tenured players
Fun environment
PVP experience

Area of operations: Low sec, Null sec, and wormhole space
Language: English

Come join our public channel “.L2P. Recruitment” for more information

Or our Discord Hope to see you soon!


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Still taking applications. Come see us in our public channel .L2P. Recruiting!

Join our Public Channel .L2P. Recruiting and talk to a recruiter today

Sunday funday. Going through those apps. Keep them coming!

Taking questions in our recruit channel .L2P. Recruitment. Of course those applications :slight_smile:

Applications are still open. Stop by and see us today - .L2P. Recruitement chat channel.

Stop by our public channel .L2P. Recruiting if you have questions

Hey everyone just stopping by to say that I look forward to accepting more apps and seeing you all in game!

Good morning capsuleers! We are looking thru our apps and look forward to seeing yours today!

Still accepting applications, come and join the fun!

Hey everyone! doing good on recruiting lets keep the momentum up!! Come chat with us in game in our recruitment channel!!

Sunday funday! Still taking applications, stop by .L2P. recruitment chat

Come and join our recruitment channel. “.L2P. Recruitment”

Come on over and join the fun! .L2P.Recruiting

Keep those applications coming! If you have questions join us @ .L2P. Recruiting in game. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Applications are still open stop by and see us soon!

Funtimes this weekend! Stop by .L2P. Recruitment or join our discord to speak with a recruiter today!

Still taking applications, stop by our in game chat or join us on our discord - ttp:// Hope to see you soon!

Stop by and talk to us in our discord channel or join our in game chat to speak with a recruiter .L2P. Recruitment.

Still taking applications!