Brisc Rubal has had a storied history across the universe, including here in New Eden. He’s done just about everything one man can do, and then some.

Brisc has been popping up all across the known galaxy, and even in a few far, far away. He was a famed leader of the Galactic Empire, before betraying the Emperor and joining the Rebellion, serving alongside a ragtag band of rebels who made their home on a server called Bloodfin. He piloted his beloved F-57A Sabre to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Terran Confederation Navy. He faced the mighty Ragnaros the Firelord in combat, and helped slay the fearsome Onyxia without getting tail whipped into the whelps (a 50 DKP minus). He is the Dragonborn of legend, the Nerevarine, a member in good standing of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Thieves Guild of Riften, and got the top score on Spy Hunter at the arcade in Glen Burnie Mall. Not bad for one guy, huh?

Since coming to New Eden in 2006, he’s been all around the cluster. He’s been a high sec mission runner. He’s done some time on the Tama gate camp and lived off a couch in low sec. For much of his active career he’s been an active pilot in nullsec, currently serving as an F1 jockey in the Initiative. He’s been a ratter, he’s been a miner (although he hates mining with the passion of Gigx hating the Judge). He’s made some dank memes. He was at the Battle of M-O, YOLOed a carrier into a Vydra Reloled wormhole gang, blopsed and been blopsed, gone whaling for Rorquals across Paragon Soul, and lived all across the map, from Tenal to Feythabolis and points in between. He’s been in small gangs, he’s been on massive fleets. He’s been in TIDI so bad he walked in slow motion to the toilet to take a dump.

What isn’t he? He’s not an FC. He’s not reddit famous (well, kind of). He’s not a CEO, or an alliance diplomat. He’s not even a director of his corporation.

He is, at heart, just the average pilot here in New Eden - one of the nameless, faceless masses of men and women who got addicted to this bloody game and can’t quit it.

If elected to CSM, that’s who he’ll be representing - you.