0.0 [CEPTA] looking for more pvp/pve pilots

(Thel 'Vadum) #1

Ceptacemia [CEPTA] is a group of experienced pilots that are looking for individuals to fill our roster. We are currently living in Fountain and looking to build up our numbers into a more formidable force than we already are. We are a relaxed group that enjoy pvp and pve activities. We also enjoy hanging out in comms and chatting it up.

Somethings that we are looking for in a candidate:

  • PvP minded. This means that CTAs are required but all other ops are optional.

  • Chill

  • Drama Free

Somethings that we can offer:

  • PvP fleets led by competent FC’s

  • ISK making opportunities. Rorq mining and lots of ratting sites

  • Corp buyback programs

  • Black ops and sov warfare

  • Moon mining

  • PvP classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Serial Killer)

If any of this sounds interesting to you then stop by our public channel, cepta pub, in-game or send either of the following individuals a mail:

Thel 'Vadum

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Still Recruiting!

(Thel 'Vadum) #3

Still looking for more pilots!

(Thel 'Vadum) #4

Still recruiting!

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Still looking for members!

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Still recruiting!

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Still looking for members!

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We are still looking for new members!

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Still recruiting!

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