[0.0] Ciggy Butt Brains. - The home of thoroughbred idiots!

Ciggy Butt Brains.

If we were any movie ever made, we would be Dumb and Dumber… We’re working on the sequel!

Are these idiots actually recruiting?

Null-Sec based PvP corporation built from the ground up by Pilots who have dabbled in every aspect of EVE Online. We’ve decided to settle with blowing pixels apart! Spread across both US and EU time-zones, we offer a realistic approach to EVE Online. We won’t punish you for feeding your screaming kid, or massaging your wife, hell, you could even go walk your fish and we’ll be right there with you!

A minimum of 15,000,000 SP is required to join our ranks of idiots, and an Active Omega account won’t go amiss!

…But really! If you’re down to earth and willing to get stuck in like a stable boy, chances are, we’ll be glad to have you!

Quick Disclaimer! We’re not for the feint of heart. Our humour can be dark, crude and straight up irresponsible, but we’re a group built on mutual respect and we give each and every one of our members the equal opportunities and respect they deserve.

Further details can be found by joining our Public Channel @ Ciggy Butt Trashcan.

Or for a more personal approach, feel free to contact me in-game and I’ll respond as quickly as my stubby fingers will type!


Daily Bump for good measure! I need someone to show these idiots how to Bridge!

Daily Bump!

We offer a drama free environment to be able to PvP with friends and generally just spend your time enjoying the game.

Based in 0.0 we have active ratting space and with JB and JF services in place, moving around couldn’t be any easier! With multiple daily roams and fleets, there couldn’t be any more content!


We’re still open for recruiting! Guaranteed the most fun you’ll have IN and OUT of Eve!

Bump Bump!

Still recruiting and still searching for those dank drama-less nullbears! Come 'ave some fun yeah!?

Hey all we are still looking for some fresh blood to join our ranks!

Lets go out and blow stuff up together, or make iskies!

Come talk to us today to find out more <3

Daily Bump!

Still searching for those active players who are interested in a drama-free playzone! Come have a chat


We’re rebuilding fast and we’re looking for all combat proficient EU and US pilots! Have have a chit chat!


We’re still recruiting and we’re growing fast! Come be apart of Null-sec life and actually enjoy EVE!


We’re still looking for those active US and EU pilots looking to dive into 0.0.

Still recruiting!

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