0.0 Praetorian Guard Miners with teeth

Praetorian Guard is PvP corporation currently a member of hells pirates.We are a 0.0 null corp Whose primary focus on pvp and secondary on earning income in our sov. We are a laid back corp if you have real life problems IRL always comes first.

What we can offer you

Almost daily fleets on the alliance and coalition level down to small man gangs Blops Fleets on a weekly basis (depends on weather and if the whales are out to play :slight_smile: )

Safe Space to rat and mine with corporate buyback program for all ore and loot at 90% jita

Jumpfeighter service between Jita and our hub

Fleets run by the alliance and by the corp will be srp by either the hulls handed out or isk back

We use ts3 as well as discord for communication

Relaxed area to learn to fight and die in a fun manner

What we are looking for

Capital pilots

Blops /hook/bombers pilots

No salt (don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose)

What we require
Full API keys

Omegas only (Sorry no Alphas Spais are meanies)

Alliance and coalition fleets are required

Train into doctrines

No drama If you’re interested hop into our recruitment channel “ -PG- Recruitment” or mail a recruiter Beast Tivianne Or Beast Miner1

Still hunting https://zkillboard.com/related/30002181/201708271500/ Still killing

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