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We are called Whiney Emo Drama Babies [WAAAA]. We’re part of the Badfellas alliance and currently live in Malpais. We’re a small but tight-knit Corp that believes in RL is paramount and takes priority over the game. Most of our Corp members are in their 30s with families. Many are prior or current military. We pride ourselves on self-sufficiency and are into all the aspects of the game from PVP to ratting, to Indy, to whatever floats your boat.

Just to be clear, we are primarily a PVE/Indy corp. Plenty of PVP is available through HomeDef fleets, Roams, and helping out allies. When HD fleets, and Major Ops are called, we expect our members to fleet up to help protect our allies and defend our home though. That being said, if you are PVP inclined we do have a separate PVP Focused Corp for characters with that inclination, and you can be in both corps between your characters.

We are happy to have members of all skill levels. We have 150m sp supercap /titan pilots all the way down to 3mil newbies (they’ve grown up a bit since then, but you get the idea.) People in the Corp like to help each other out. It’s probably the most tight knit “family” kind of atmosphere I’ve ever been in.

The corp is split between US and EU TZ, but we have people on at all times. The alliance we’re in has a strong EUTZ presence and many of the operations that take place are in that window

Currently, there are about 15 real people and we’re looking to grow by another 10.

You’re probably wondering what the corp can do for you though…

  • We have a bunch of JFs so getting your stuff out isnt a problem.
  • We have multiple Rorquals if mining is your thing… amazing boosts from it and we also have corp mining barges/exhumers for you to use (no need to bring your own out)
  • Robust BPC/BPO archive. We can make just about any ship or module on the market (to include T2s, cap ships, and even Citadels)
  • Solid reputation & leadership team. The corp has been around for years, but recently the leadership took a break and just returned. The leaders of the corp have run 100+ man corps and 1000+ man alliances.
  • Alliance has an SRP program for qualified losses

If this sounds interesting and you want to talk more, I can be found here or you can join our Recruit Channel " MENFI Recruits " and I’m sure someone will be on to chat with you.

Fly safe and I hope to hear from you!

PS - If you haven’t figured out the corp name and ticker are ironic, you probably won’t be a good fit.

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We have cookies…

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