07 A.Y.N.I.K Recruiting ACTIVE players for 0.0 JOIN US NOW! (EU/US-TZ) 07

A.Y.N.I.K is a PvP-PvE space corporation
We are looking for serious players who want to be evolved, get experience, make isk and HAVE FUN, for players who dont want just another corp or alliance, but instead they search for a home. We want pilots who are interested in being a part of a family.

There are opportunities and roles for every type of player.

Are you a PVPer ??? YOU will get tired having killmails
Are you a miner ??? Plenty of ore sites to mine
Are you making isk from ratting ??? Then this is the right place to move yourself.
Do you like P.I. / industrialism??? Plenty of potential clients for your creations…

We provide

  • TeamSpeak, DISCORD
  • PVP- PVE
  • Exploration
  • friendly environment, knowledge about the game
  • Tips / ships to get started and stay alive in null space


  • participate in TeamSpeak
  • not allowing scaming
  • willing to PVP and fight for our space
  • 5mil sp minimum

In game Recruit channel U.D.F.A - [DISCORD]

CEO-Recruitment: barron’tank

[A.Y.N.I.K] Zkill https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98327563/


Recruitment is still open!





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