10.3 Mill sp focused miner. Exshumer 5

10.3 Mill sp focused miner.

Cool name for an alt miner.

3.2mill in resource processing
Ice harvesting 5
Mining 5
Pyroxsers processing 5
Scordite Processing 5
Vledspar Processing 5
Reprocessing 5
Reprocessing Efficiency 5

Over 2 mill in drones.
Drones 5
Mining Drones operation 5
Light Drone Operation 5
Medium Drone operation 5
Ice harvesting drone (being trained right now)

Space ship command over 3 mill
Mining frigate 5
Mining barge 5
Exshumers 5
Expedition Frigate 4

Also has decent shield skills and enough support skills to fly exhsumers well T2.

Remap available.
Pos sec status.

Bid starts at 11 bill, buyout hidden.


13 bill buyout, agreed in Game

Yup agreed 13 bill, awaiting isk

Have isk, will start transfer in a minute

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