10.3 Mill sp focused miner. Exshumer 5

(Mining Drone) #1

10.3 Mill sp focused miner.

Cool name for an alt miner.

3.2mill in resource processing
Ice harvesting 5
Mining 5
Pyroxsers processing 5
Scordite Processing 5
Vledspar Processing 5
Reprocessing 5
Reprocessing Efficiency 5

Over 2 mill in drones.
Drones 5
Mining Drones operation 5
Light Drone Operation 5
Medium Drone operation 5
Ice harvesting drone (being trained right now)

Space ship command over 3 mill
Mining frigate 5
Mining barge 5
Exshumers 5
Expedition Frigate 4

Also has decent shield skills and enough support skills to fly exhsumers well T2.

Remap available.
Pos sec status.

Bid starts at 11 bill, buyout hidden.


(Kamana Reeza) #2

13 bill buyout, agreed in Game

(Mining Drone) #3

Yup agreed 13 bill, awaiting isk

(Mining Drone) #4

Have isk, will start transfer in a minute

(system) #5

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