100m main with 3 alts looking for BLOPS

100m SP subcap-focused main with 3 covert cyno/prospect/bomber/scanning alts looking for an active BLOPS group.

Been playing Eve for 10 years, used to fly with BB and other cov ops groups years ago. Due to unstable internet connection in recent years I have been quite casual, focusing on pve and industry, but am looking to change that and would like to start spending the limited time I have fleeting up and looking for targets.

Decent skills, JDC V, JFC V etc and willing to learn.

Usually active throughout the weekend, Friday evening through to Sunday, Eastern North American Timezone so usually active 1800-0600 Eve time.

We’re looking to build up our pvp and could use another experienced pilot.

Mining and indy Corp looking for more members to join. We’re about content and community looking for mature players who wanna enjoy eve.

We’re The Order of Omerta and we’re a mining and indy group that has access to all three sectors of space.

We live in a fairly quiet pocket close to many markets with lots of asteroid belts as well as :ice_cube: and :crescent_moon: mining. We’re newbro and returning players friendly with knowledgeable players, active Discord, coms and tight knit community. Infrastructure for indy for players including research, invention and manufacturing.

We have access to R32 and R64 moons to mine, relatively quiet lowsec area to run sites or mine. We got pvp enthusiasts here who love to fleet up and go roaming.

We rent our own system so we have access to resources and nullsec ratting without all the big Alliance obligations. It’s also a fairly quiet system and we live at the beginning of a small pipe so good opportunities for gate camps or pvp roams. Alliance Indy structures to use. Great PI in the area.

We offer:
Engineering structures
Mining (moon, belt, anom, ice)
Mentorship program for noobs
Buyback programs
Near maxed refining
Mission running
Active community and coms
Nullsec/ lowsec ratting
Corp logistics
Pvp opportunities
Wh mining and exploration
Helpful players
Judgement free community
Mature attitude

We require:
Voice interview
ESI check
Newbros must have completed tutorials
Mic for coms
Active at least once a week
Relaxed attitude
No drama
Willingness to participate in coms and fleets.

If we sound like your type of place come by and say hi and get to know us.

Discord The Order of Omerta

In game chat
The Order Recruitment

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Hi @Luther_Fairfax

I’m CEO of The Dark Vanguard, a PVP corp in B0SS alliance. We live in Venal and have loads of BLOPS (and other small-med gang pvp), especially in the USTZ.

For example: Naglfar | johnnysolo | Killmail | zKillboard and Vargur | Brother DaNiu | Killmail | zKillboard

Drop by our discord for a chat: The Dark Vanguard

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Hi there m8

The only thing we dobid blops, cloaky camping and kitchen sink fleets.

We are also 100 independent and everything that moves are targets;)

For more info just have a look at our rec post below


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