100M SP WH VET LF medium sized WH corp

Thinking about restarting the game for good, even though I do not want to run my own corp anymore as I tend to get burnt out. Some of you may know me as GASFREAKS ceo, and wormholes sales service director.

I wish to join a medium sized WH corp, US/EU TZ. I would like to be part of a fun group that works together, that can make silly jokes but be serious when it’s time to PVP. I am not interested in the big groups that tend to be negative / not fun.

If you think you’re just the group I’m looking for, drop me your ad here or message me on discord

@BearThatCares sounds like a guy for you

Thx for the tag <3

Yeah you’d probably be a solid fit for us. Check us out.

Ty for invite, will deff check out.

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