🇺🇸 Krypted Gaming - Wormhole PvP Group

Krypted Gaming is a tight-knit wormhole group that focuses on building a roster of capable, active pilots who have a desire for relentless PvP.

Our core group has been together for many years, blowing things up every day in nearly every corner of the universe.


We have an endless flow of casual and strategic content across nearly every class of space. In Krypted, you will always be surrounded by players who want to get out there and create explosions.

There hasn’t been a shortage of content in our 4 years of operation. Check our monthly killboard stats and see for yourself!


To us, player mindset is the most important trait to consider for recruitment.

  1. Proactive. Being a ping warrior isn’t enough- we want players who actively play the game and seek content.
  2. Hungry to improve. Every ship loss and mechanical mistake is a chance for improvement, it’s what drives you to play.
  3. Bloodthirsty. An insatiable hunger for more explosions is what drives us to log in, undock, and hunt for content every day.

To be considered, we expect you to be able to fly a fleet role competently:

  • DPS: T3Cs, Command Ships, AHACs
  • Logistics: T2 Logistics Cruisers, Logistics V
  • Support: Bhaalgorn, Vindicator, T3Cs, Command Destroyers

Learn more about recruitment on our website, or contact me on Discord (BearThatCares#1337)

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You have a pretty cool logo.

Thank you, sir!

Awesome group of people.

Been with the corp for over half a year now and they are great friends and amazing to fly with.

Always fun fleets and many kills

still recruiting?


Very interested in this corp and have heard only good things about it. Mail sent to BearThatCares asking more info. Awaiting reply.

Training towards Rorqual with intent to go Moon Mining.

Ooooh. And did I mention the Frigate Racing? I am hoping to set this up in whatever corp I join. As an organized event, it’s cheap, anyone can do it, and it is awesome sauce and highly competitive :wink:

You’ll need to join our Discord :slight_smile:

I flew with these guys on many fleet and they are tits all the way. Good leadership and good vision

Miss you Raleit!

Great bunch of guys, would still be flying with them if I had time for nullsec!

Updated main thread with our Spring message.

Hi There,

I am looking for PVP corp to get back in to game. I have had a lot of PVP experience in the past but have only just returned after 4-5 years away from game.

I have sold old Char and I am looking for a fresh start and to learn the game again. I need a CORP that has ambitions and that is happy to work as a team and have a bit of fun. Comm’s are a must (as boring as hell otherwise).

I am UK based and will be on most days from 9pm onwards. I hate PVE and will really only wanting to be doing PVP.

If you think I could learn again, have fun and be part of a fun team. Please contact me in game.

Thanks for your time.

Hey buddy, with most of the gameplay we’re doing, having a fresh start would hinder you in terms of skillpoints. We’re pretty much deployed behind enemy lines and just dropping on them.

I’d suggest Pandemic Horde or some other new player PvP alliance.

Thank you, amd have fun.

Updated thread to include focus on Delve operations.

What’s up,
This application is for two pilots. My buddy is a veteran Eve player (51mil sp) dating back to the very beginning. I am fairly new (8mil sp), but have an educated background with the game and thirsty to learn more. We’re just now coming back to the game with a competitive drive for PvP. Our goal is to find a home in nul space with a healthy, cooperative group of players with PvP being the lifeblood of gameplay. We are flexible with what the needs of our corp are.

We’re both mature players, 28 years of age with careers. Our time spent on Eve is balanced with work/family/friends/Military (I am active duty Navy). I’m shore based and have plenty of time for gaming.

HVC Reignfire. Inviz0. < (Friends character name)

Hey HVC, come chat with us in our Discord and apply through our Player Authentication service :slight_smile:


We’d love to have you.


You guys still recruiting?