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Edit: Thanks you to all that reached out. Going to give wormholes another shot.

Going to try and keep this short. I have been away for the last 2.5-3 years, but now I have the itch to play eve again so I am hoping to find a corp to fly with.

I currently have approx 232mil sp and well rounded. Looking for a corp the likes to pvp, and preferring to find a corp that likes to do high sec war decs for contracts or even just for fun. Corp must be US based.

I am also open to other ideas/corps if I can find the right fit.

If anyone is willing to give an old vet a shot please leave a message below or contact me in game.

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Come to wormholes bud!

  • Tons of small and medium gang content
  • Quality over quantity, lots to learn
  • Engaging content
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Hey Jushin,

I will absolutely recommend Bear for WH’s if you want to look at that route I’m recruiting for null. Within NC. specifically.

If you’re looking to have a chat about some possible PVP we can offer you I’ll send you a discord invite in an evemail so if you’d like to chat don’t worry about the time of day just @ me in the SBBAL discord.



Hey there,

if you wanna come to nullsec with TRI and have fun, we are currently looking for new members across all corporations.
I recruit for No.Mercy who is not strictly USTZ based but we do have a strong presence in there as well.
Actually our CEO and one of the directors are USTZ.

If you’re interested, shoot me a mail or pm ingame.

Btw, if you are into going in a WH, yeah Bear and Co gets my vote as well!

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If you’re going to null, Milli’s group is the move!

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we did get some reasonable pew today

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Try to contact the alliance PIRAT. They should be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

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Low Self Esteem is going great things down in Null, on the border of Goons. If you want some PEW PEW, with a group of guys who have played for many years… its a chill group. :wink:

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