💥 Krypted Gaming - Small WH PvP Group

Who are we?

Krypted Gaming is a tight-knit group of chill individuals with a focus on fun, blowing things up, and enjoying everything the game has to offer.

Our core group has been playing together for years in nearly every corner of the universe. Large sovereignty wars, evictions, faction warfare; you name it, we’ve done it together.

We live in a Class 4 wormhole, and primarily focus on roaming k-space connections and hunting through our wormhole chains for content.


It’s hard to sum up everything we do in a few bullet points, but you can expect the following.

  • Frequent small and medium gangs for hunting, brawling, and roaming
  • Microgangs in all timezones, focusing on individual piloting and ship roles
  • Group PvE content for buying more space toys to explode
  • Driven, self-sufficient players with a hunger to improve (solo PvP, videos, research)

Real life comes first, but we all have a very deep love for the game and find ourselves playing way more than we should be. We consider ourselves casual tryhards :wink:


For recruitment, we generally look for things that would allow you to easily transition into our playstyle.

  • Active (most of our players are on daily)
  • Ability to fly effective ships (t3cs, Triglavian, wide range of t2 subcaps)
  • Desire to participate in a wide range of PvP content, ability to take feedback

For newer players who are interested in a challenge, we recommend a strong desire to learn and a thick skin. EVE is a rough game, and it’s even rougher in wormholes!

Stop by and have a chat with us, we usually have people around 24/7. If we aren’t the perfect match we’ll point you to a corporation that is a better fit for you.


:shuffleparrot: 250M SP Returning PVP Pilot
105+M sp pilot looking for null sec corp
52MM SP Player looking for non-newbro 0.0 corp in north
Returning (US) Pilot Probably Looking For Corp
SHOW ME THE PEW PEW (22:00-6:00) 25m SP main
175 mil sp player looking for a home
Returning 40m SP pilot looking for corp
31+mil SP old guy returning cause of blackout-looking for casual experience in WH/null
UK Player LF Tight Knit WH Gang
Looking for a home
Returning player, looking for WH or NS Exploration or PvP Corp
161M+ SP looking for a new home
51.4M SP looking for a new home
Blackout made me do it. 77m SP returning player looking for a home
Returning player (250m+) looking for a new home ( PVP/PVE in NULL/WH)
Looking for a WH corp, old player returning
Looking for a corp [PvE] [PvP]
Old fanboy looking to return for stealth and profit
Looking for a corp
33m newbe looking for a home
LF PVP - Returning Vet with newbro friend(s) ( Currently Found a Home )
Old dude, not ready to retire
Looking for new corp
Throwing a bottle in the vast known universe
50m SP returning player w/ 3 accounts LFC EU TZ
Returning player 41m sp
New home Found
265m sp looking for a new adventure
150 Mill SP Combat Pilot looking for a home
63M+ SP Pilot looking to try out wh space
Old vet looking to take another crack at this game
LF wh corp
5 Accounts looking for USTZ WH corp
Returning Pilot
Returning Logibro
Looking for a small fleet corp or a corps that does small fleet operations?
133M+ pure combat pilot looking for small PVP group
2 x Characters looking for EUTZ WH PVP corp
66+ mil character looking for corp
54/43 mil sp chars looking for home
Looking for a Crew / Corp - Returning player after 15 years
Returning player 206m sp
Returning Player looking for wh/pvp Corp
Corp Found. thanks
HOME FOUND! Thanks for your interest and time
Applications are in
Corp Found
Old pilot looking for a home (edited)
Returning player looking for a home in 0.0 or WH
60 M SP (x2) Returning Vet looking for a ISK-making corp
Player Seeking Wormhole Corp / Alliance
62 mil Sp pilot lf Cal mil or Amarr Mil FW PvP corp
Recruited - Thanks!
Looking for WH or Null sec corp for 10 toons
170mill plus seeking wh Corp to pvp
Close thanks
100mill SP toon LF WH home
LF Pacific US Timezone Corp
Looking for casual pvp in the euro no f1
LF Pacific US Timezone Corp
31m sp pvp + 8m sp mining and indy char looking for C4 corp
Played a small amount 6 years ago; looking to continue with a group now
106M Main/100M Alt - Returning after 6 years - PvP Focused - USTZ - Looking for new home
Old hand looking for a corp after a 12+ month break
37.6m SP Pilot looking for a new home (WH, FW, PvP)
36M Player and Corp Fellas are Looking for new Home
100 mil+ pilot looking for RL fun some week evenings and some weekends
58m sp Amarr pilot LF uk/eu pvp corp
46.5m SP pilot looking for WH corp
45mil SP player looking to hide away in a wormhole and learn the life there. [EUTZ]
Returning 36m sp pilot looking for small corp
Where to begin?
2x 94M+ SP subcap and cap toons looking for corp
PVP Toon LF active WH/null corp, US tz
168M SP character coming back to game, looking for an Active WH Corp
Returning Player - Looking for PVP Corp
109 Mil SP Player Looking To Return
Can anyone teach an old dog new tricks?
Seeking Corp for WH PvP
94m SP pilot, looking to see what's around
[EUTZ] Chilled player looking for WH home
Possibly Looking For a New home
In need of a pirate home!
80mill sp toon looking for more piracy
Returning Player Looking For Corp
[EUTZ] Veteran looking for corp
Returning Play LFC
Just looking for a home
Looking for low sec corporation
65m sp Minmatar/Gallente PVP player returning and looking for a home
Returning looking for a pvp corp
Returning from 5 year break - New injected Sabre, Manticore Pilot Looking for trouble in null sec
Old Player looking for a New home 41 mil sp
Looking for wh corp
Looking for a corp
Returning Noob Looking for Home
Two man squad looking for a laid-back/mature corp
Returning from 18month break, multiple chars
131m sp / 121m sp Returning Vet
Old vet looking to return to Eve with 1-2 newish friends - PVP- multiple 60m+ sp chars - EST
Newbro looking to try my hand at small gang PvP
78 Mil, looking for wh corp
100 Mill SP toon looking to start a New Chapter
Returning player LF corp
Returning - 52mSP & newbie mate. LF: AUTZ, PVx, Active & relaxed corp. (
41m-SP returning pilot, looking for a new home
62mil sp char looking for a pvp corp
Returning 49.5 mil SP Pilot LF pvp Corp
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
Returning Vet , 95Msp + 70Msp
Pilot looking to return to eve, but only if I can find a corp
135M SP player looking for a new home
Looking for a pvp experience
Group of friends looking for active WH corp
55M returning player
92 mil sp pilot looking for a corp. Been gone a long time
34.4mill sp
Minmatar FW pvper looking for corp - very well trained small ship (BC) and below pvper looking for fun but capable Minmatar FW corp. Must be a UK Tz active corp
Returning Old player returning after several years looking for corp
Coming back to EVE after way long break and looking for corp
Pilot Looking For A Home
New pilot looking for a good home
Old Character Looking for WH corp
81m Skill point returning player looking for corp
26M SP returning character looking for C2-3 wormhole corp - AU TZ
LF 0.0npc corp or small pirate corp
Looking for a corp, been away a few years
Just another lost indian looking for a (PvP) tribe
167m SP pilot seeking active wormhole corp
52.5 M SP subcap toon looking for UK based corp
53m SP LF WH Corp
Looking for low/null/wh in AU timezone
Hackneyed old Vet Looking for a Corp
LF WH home 1500-2000hrs eve time
Returning to the game - 62m SP - UK/EU
Rounded pilot looking for corp
A new start - vet with toons looking for options
61m sp combat pilot LF EU tz wh pvp corp
85m sp looking for Wormhole PvP
Looking to join WH Corp
Returning player after many years
Vet Potentially Looking to Return
Veteran pilot looking for small gang warfare corporation
Returning Player looking for casual small/micro gang PVP Corp
Looking for a new home - Three 110M SP pilots + more!
87m SP returning player
140m sp + 130sp alt, can fly all sub caps, most caps/supers/JF/Rorq etc
Looking for corp. LS/WH
Looking for corp null (small scale wanted)
Looking for pvp roaming EU
100M+ main, 3 alts 50-70M needs new home - EU timezone
10+ year vet looking for home
Trying to get back Into Eve Looking for new Home Blops Focus!
Bittervet looking to settle in
Pvper looking for a new home
91M SP Pilot + Capital Alt/JFs - Looking to join 0.0 Corporation
Returning 111m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for NOMADIC lifestyle
73M SP returning - LF socially active PvP
Returning 86m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for new home [USTZ]
Found corp please close
83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home
Looking for PVP EU based corp
~150mil sp vet returning
EU TZ Looking for pewpew (165m SP)
94 mill so and alt lf nullsec home
Looking for a NullSec Corp
67m SP Pilot looking for frigate/small scale 0.0 roams regularly
Returning Vet LF NullCorp
107 mill SP main, basic Thanatos alt (JC 5 in 11 days), 5 accounts in total
Anxious Pilot Looking for Home
Returning player back to exploit the blackout!
117M SP LF Focused EUTZ WH PvP Group
Returning player
Returning Player LF mid sized WH corp
Very small corp looking for other corp/Alliance to do stuff with
160mil SP FC w/useful alts LFC (Open to anything)
PvP Player wanting to move from Solo to WH Small Gang
Old player LF a new home!
Returning pilot looking for small gang pvp. 90mil SP
L8 night USTZ PvP 86m SP looking for love
Old Player coming back
Returning Player Looking for Corp
87mill sp LF pvp Corp
Back and Bored: 77+ mil SP dingbat with nothing to do
Looking for a new corp with players over 30 (70 mil skill point char)
UK player 60m SP with alts looking for something engaging

You have a pretty cool logo.

Thank you, sir!

Awesome group of people.

Been with the corp for over half a year now and they are great friends and amazing to fly with.

Always fun fleets and many kills

still recruiting?


Very interested in this corp and have heard only good things about it. Mail sent to BearThatCares asking more info. Awaiting reply.

Training towards Rorqual with intent to go Moon Mining.

Ooooh. And did I mention the Frigate Racing? I am hoping to set this up in whatever corp I join. As an organized event, it’s cheap, anyone can do it, and it is awesome sauce and highly competitive :wink:

You’ll need to join our Discord :slight_smile:

I flew with these guys on many fleet and they are tits all the way. Good leadership and good vision

Miss you Raleit!

Great bunch of guys, would still be flying with them if I had time for nullsec!

Updated main thread with our Spring message.

Hi There,

I am looking for PVP corp to get back in to game. I have had a lot of PVP experience in the past but have only just returned after 4-5 years away from game.

I have sold old Char and I am looking for a fresh start and to learn the game again. I need a CORP that has ambitions and that is happy to work as a team and have a bit of fun. Comm’s are a must (as boring as hell otherwise).

I am UK based and will be on most days from 9pm onwards. I hate PVE and will really only wanting to be doing PVP.

If you think I could learn again, have fun and be part of a fun team. Please contact me in game.

Thanks for your time.

Hey buddy, with most of the gameplay we’re doing, having a fresh start would hinder you in terms of skillpoints. We’re pretty much deployed behind enemy lines and just dropping on them.

I’d suggest Pandemic Horde or some other new player PvP alliance.

Thank you, amd have fun.

Updated thread to include focus on Delve operations.

What’s up,
This application is for two pilots. My buddy is a veteran Eve player (51mil sp) dating back to the very beginning. I am fairly new (8mil sp), but have an educated background with the game and thirsty to learn more. We’re just now coming back to the game with a competitive drive for PvP. Our goal is to find a home in nul space with a healthy, cooperative group of players with PvP being the lifeblood of gameplay. We are flexible with what the needs of our corp are.

We’re both mature players, 28 years of age with careers. Our time spent on Eve is balanced with work/family/friends/Military (I am active duty Navy). I’m shore based and have plenty of time for gaming.

HVC Reignfire. Inviz0. < (Friends character name)

Hey HVC, come chat with us in our Discord and apply through our Player Authentication service :slight_smile:


We’d love to have you.


You guys still recruiting?