PvP Player wanting to move from Solo to WH Small Gang

I’ve been playing on and off for many years now, have tried FW, Alliance fleet battles, Solo low sec pvp, brief wormhole living and most non-industrial PvE, and it’s time for me to try small gang.

I really do want a big focus to be on taking fights that COULD be lost. Although I’m happy to participate in ganking helpless nullbears, cloaky ambushes and so on, I don’t find them hugely engaging. Flying in a tight knit group, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing some kills on fleets trying to chase us before dipping out. Or engaging another WH fleets in brawls, where either force could come out on top as the victor.

That sounds much more exciting to me.

I want to be given the opportunity to make decisions in fleets that aren’t just anchor + F1. To be able to potentially make mistakes and learn from them, improving at my piloting skills along the way. I’m here for fights, not to make my killboard green.

I have a 54M SP Main PvP account, and a 23M SP Interceptor/cloaky alt.
My Main account can fly up to battleship in Gal/Min and up to cruiser in Amarr (No missile skills).
HAC V, Logi Cruiser V, Recon IV, some frigate/dessie T2s to IV or V. Only T3C is proteus at the moment (trained before nerf sadly), but I’m happy to train into basically any sub cap at this point, or finish off some of my level IV T2 ship skills.

I understand most WH mechanics, along with scanning, have working mic and all that jazz.
Basically I’m tired of trying to fly solo, and either running into single frigates which dont pose a threat, or organised groups of 12 guys that blob me. I can never get actual fights in anything bigger than a destroyer.
Really just looking for a Corp who tries to get the “Gudfights”.

Thanks for taking the time to read, looking forward to hearing from you! o7

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us. Tons of EU content, small tight knit group.

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