Interstellar Booty Hunters - Small Gang PvP for ACTUAL FUN!

I’m told we are unique!

Small gang roaming is becoming rare, so many people are content to just camp, bait, gank, etc. We move around and hunt as a team!
Solo PvP encouraged our aim is to improve ourselves and have fun doing it!

2-4 gangs weekly!
easy, fun, but effective fleet comps!
Only rule is to follow orders on fleets, youll get the drift, other than that your free to do as you like! I wont yell at you for loosing ships as long as you understand what happened there! lol

Current gang size is 4-7, looking to increase that to a nice 7-12 regularly - I NEED YOU!!!

Inquiries in the Booty Tiki Bar.

My latest youtube vid on why small gang PEWPEW is the most intense is here (semi-recruitment vid)

Bumping up and I will be on today approaching 2100 eve time.

I also want to say that it has been brought to my attention, that small gang PvP can be particularly intimidating for a lot of people.
I guess its kinda like joining a gym, martial arts school, or new sports team!

Don’t be too intimidated! We take all-types as long as you have fighting spirit, we can work with ya!
We’ve just begun a structured PvP training program, starting with the basics of the basics.
Yes we prefer you are omega and have something like 4 million skillpoints but this is mostly to be able to fly our comps - which are not expensive!

We’re doing a roam today at 2200 if anyone wants to come check us out, email me in-game or go to our public chat! I’ll be gentle with virgins!

I’ll be online in about 45 mins if anyone wants to talk!

Bumping up, online now as alt probably - Eggshan Lopan! Find our in-game pub chat - Booty Tiki Bar for inquiries!

Bumping up! Available tonight for convo - might be on fleet but still willing to at least pvt chat if that is the case!

In-game now!

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